The Parco del Po Cuneese website focuses on the issue of information accessibility and the decision has been made to structure the site in such a way as to conform to the highest degree of accessibility recommended by the World Web Consortium (W3C) and by Italian Government.

The Home Page, together with all the pages in the website, are designed to meet the 22 technical requirements contained in the Decree of 8th July 2005 by the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, approved in compliance with Law n. 4 of 9th January 2004 containing “Measures to foster disabled person’s access to ICT tools” (Legge Stanca) and in the Implementation Regulations of the Decree of the President of the Italian Republic n. 75 of 1st March 2005.

Website development is in compliance with the standards of the World Web Consortium (W3C), the consortium which established the standards for the Web.

Programming Technologies and Testing The code used for portal pages is XHTML 1.0 Transitional, whilst Cascading Style Sheet is used for text formatting and to check page layout Every page in the portal complies with the national and international standards mentioned above and passes CSS automatic validation tests supplied by W3C relating to XHTML 1.0 code (Valid CSS e Valid XHTML 1.0).

We have avoided, everywhere possible, Javascript code and Flash animations. Style sheet programming has allowed the web pages to be viewed by hardware other than a computer monitor.

Visualization on MEDIA PRINT (printer) is now available. Fast-access keys have purposely not been implemented because the portal’s structure does not allow for them to be easily managed. Except for Contact, Newsletter, Partner ad Map forms, because of the graphics, all the other pages in the website are created without using forms. Compatibility The portal was created with the intent of making the information, made available by the Parco del Po Cuneese, user friendly and easy to access.

We cannot however exclude that one or more pages may not be fully accessible to some user categories. In the event this may occur, we apologize and suggest you report these cases of inaccessibility to us to this address: info@monviso.euin order to allow us to make the necessary adjustments as soon as possible.