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29/01/2010 - 25/01/2012


SLOW TOURISMEThe general aim of the project is the promotion of slow, sustainable tourism in the cross-border area. The partners share the following objectives for “SlowTourisme” :
 - systemize the tourist offer in the area;
- characterize the entire tourist reception chain;
- promote local offer in an organic and integrated manner.

Specific objectives allow to enhance the important albeit fragmented natural, landscape, architectural, cultural and productive resources of the Land of the Savoy family, of Queyras and of Guillestrois, by targeting activities that touch on the fragilities of the cross-border tourist environment of reference.


SLOW TOURISME-Defining the SlowTourisme offer in the area;
- Characterizing tourist reception in the offer of SlowTourisme
- Creating tools for tourist information and for the promotion of tourism;
- Making a pilot project;
- Promoting SlowTourisme e


- Associazione “Le Terre dei Savoia” (Capofila)
- Parc Naturel RĂ©gional du Queyras